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Get Your Free Website Domain Healthcheck

What's in your Website Domain Health Check?

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    Crawl health​​​​
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    Backlink Health
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    Site Speed and Technical Overview
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    Error Detection
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    Duplicate Content Detection

How will your website score?

You're Just 3 form fields and a click away from your website insights.

Our free domain health check is your quick and easy way to tell if your website is in good working order. A healthy website domain will rank better in natural search results and often convert better

CRAWL Health

Simply enter your website details for a quick overview of your general onsite health check. Google needs to access each part of your site in order to process it and rank it in its search results. Crawl health shows how well your site map is performing and how well the internal site structure is working (eg Dead links)

Site Speed

Site speed is important for search engine optimisation and for conversion. For every 1 second you shave off page load, you can gain 127% gain in conversion.(recent Google Study)

ERRORS, Warning and Notices

The Healthcheck will detect any errors your need to fix on your website and well as more moderate warnings and notices.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is not good from Google's perspective. If Google spots it, its algorithm needs to determine which content is the original and who should get the credit. Sometimes your website platform can accidentally generate duplicate content (http to https for example) which dilutes any ranking you may have. This tool can score your website for duplicate content.