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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Facebook Marketing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Facebook Marketing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There’s this little website that’s up and coming. You may have heard of it. Its even bigger than FriendFace and Jitter combined </sarc>


Alright, there a good chance you know of Facebook already and there also a good chance you doing a bit already with a business page, maybe some live chat or something low like that, but let’s be honest how many marketers out there feel like they are really nailing their facebook marketing strategy and getting the most out of it.

Lets take a quick look at the latest stats regarding Facebooks growth.

With stats like that you can understand why some people see Facebook as an ‘internet within the internet’ so why it it then that there are some many businesses languishing when it comes to fully leveraging paid Facebook ads?

Buyer Intent

A common argument is that businesses favour paid search because the buyer is actively searching for your lovely keywords in order to presented with your jaw dropping offer. I would have to agree that buyers are in a different frame of mind on facebook but they are also very receptive to being advertised to after a number of years developing the platform.

Facebook marketing requires a different approach and a need to develop and nurture buyers through the funnel. Depending on the product or service you may find facebook users in a more receptive headspace for your offer as they let their guard down to chat with friend and people that they (mostly) know.

We also mustn’t lose sight of the fact many search buyers won’t buy first time so it really becomes a matter of ‘Search + Display Network Retargetting’ OR ‘Search + Facebook Retargetting’.

Specific Audiences

If we know how popular facebook is then why wouldn’t we want to meet our customer and prospects there? Facebook marketing audiences can be  built around a specific group of people. A tool such as Facebook Custom Audience allows you to upload contact details of your target audience and reach them with specific ads.

If we know our target market well you can target by similar interests and reach an entirely new group of customers.


Maximum Visibility but only if you pay.

You may have heard that your facebook posts only reach a handful of the people that like or share your page (15% on a good day)

While this is unpopular with people who have take time and budget to build like for their page, we have to remember that you are effectively building an empire on rented land. Facebook is a business and has to make money for its survival.

Facebook Marketing is still very affordable compared with some other channels so why not pay to reach your potential customers. Its only fair.

Facebook Live

This is a video platform that helps you to record and share live videos with your target market. As a business owner, you can use the opportunity to promote events, show previews, and answer questions.


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