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Why Hire An Agency to Manage your Adwords Campaigns?

Many small business owners don’t see the need to hire an agency to manage their Adwords campaigns – after all, how hard can it be to pay Google to put up ads for a business? The fact that they choose to do their Adwords management is the very reason that they fail. While it may eat into your profits to hire a digital marketing agency, it comes with several benefits that you cannot afford to overlook:

•    They are familiar with Adwords campaigns. Assuming that the agency that you hire has experience in your niche they will look at your campaign from a bird’s eye view, and they will be able to examine your campaign honestly.

•    They know what works and what does not. If you hire a good agency they will be familiar with things like conversion rates, CPC ranges, good offers and so on. This means that they don’t waste time looking for what works and what doesn’t – they get straight to it which means you will see results sooner.

•    You have access for beta testing – because agencies have a relationship with Google they are offered opportunities to test strategies and products that your competition may not have access to.

•    An agency brings together a collection of experience. The team that will work on your account comes to the table with different kinds of experience, all of which can help with your Adwords campaign.

•    A marketing agency will dedicate time to your account. If you decide to do Adwords in-house you will not be able to dedicate much time to your campaign – you have other areas that you must focus on. An agency will get you results faster because they are dedicated.

Don’t take any risks with in-house Adwords management. Hire a digital marketing company instead.